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The Dos And Don’ts In Dating A Handsome Man

  • Posted on August 27, 2014 at 7:28 pm

If my great grandfather would wake up from his grave and find a woman dating a handsome man! He would simply collapse and wish the world would open and swallow him alive! As everything on the universe changes and seems to take a deferent direction from what our forefathers were used to. It has become obvious or acceptable that women can comfortably initiate a relationship and date well as the male colleges would do. Hell has broken lose to all the communities in the world where the male character has always dominated the scene. It has become common knowledge in the now to find the woman doing equally better like a man in all the professional fields that were initially reserved for the men. The field of dating and romance has not been exceptional, in every public place you will find women winking and socializing freely with men of their choice.

The male character would always want to be seen as a hero in every field. Women take care when dating and avoid incidences that will make your handsome man look like a failure amongst other men. In this kind of a situation where a woman keeps referring to the father or the former boyfriend as having had unique and superior qualities than him, it hurts the man very much and he cannot accommodate this kind of an environment. Ladies let your handsome man be seen as a hero always, encourage him to move and let him know that he is equal if not better than your mentor in that field. Men always live in competition with themselves and always dream as being the victors in every area that requires the use of the muscle or the extra skill. Don’t discuss with him how you envy the success in another man field or achievements, you will only succeed in hurting his ego.

Try not to exaggerate too much on the make up on your body and if you overdo this, make sure when you are together you don’t rub him with some of the nail polish or eye pencil that you applied on your face. He may appreciate and find no problem with you using it, but he would not like to be rubbed with this cosmetics on his cloths. Men sparing use this strong and smelling cosmetics in their body. They will in most cases uses light and moderately smelling cosmetics and thus they would not wont to be rubbed with the tough staff from you.

Men wont a woman who behaves like a woman and not the domineering kind. A handsome man will only be attracted to that woman who is ready and willing to do what a woman is expected of in the society. A man will easily be attracted by that woman who will shed tears to attract attention from him. Every handsome man has a model of the woman he would want to have in his life. This might be people who have influenced him so much in his life. It might be the mother, the elder sister or even a teacher so he is looking for a woman with this qualities or something that is close to that. In most of this cases the mother has a lot of influence in the choice the woman that he makes at last.

Rich Women Dating

  • Posted on August 27, 2014 at 4:56 am

If you are surfing the Web for rich women dating, you will find thousands of pages and hundreds of dating services presenting the pick of rich women dating. This gives you the feeling that the needs of rich women dating are not being met, and that there is an over supply of rich women dating, all ready for your easy pickings.

Nothing can be further from the truth. If you take a look at the statistics of rich women dating, you will find that the majority of rich women dating have difficulties in finding a person compatible enough for them to get into a relationship with. The reason for this is that most rich women dating register themselves with dating services with unreasonable hopes and without any prior preparation. When someone suitable does not turn up immediately, rich women dating move on and register themselves with another dating service.

Contrary to what these services may lead rich women dating to expect, they fail to realize that their perfect partner is not just going to fall out of the sky. Rich women dating have to search continuously, check out the respondents’ profiles carefully and look at a large number of these before they shortlist any who seem to match their expectations. My advice to rich women dating is to not set themselves up for disappointment by keeping their expectations at a reasonable level, and not to get carried away as soon as they see someone attractive.

Rich women dating should not get carried away by all the “success” stories fed to them by the dating agencies. Most rich women dating are in their forties or later, and hope to get a man at least ten years their junior. This may be possible, but these women should be careful that their new boyfriends or husbands are not just gold diggers hoping for a share of their wealth.

Rich women dating are usually not desperate to fall for just about any guy who may turn up and offer to shack up with them. They are usually smart, well educated and attractive women of the world. Their objective is not to jump into bed with just any man, but to find a partner who can demonstrate empathy and who is compatible with them.

As is true with all successful women, rich women dating are searching for healthy, successful, smart and economically stable men. They would not be prepared to compromise themselves with men who are unhealthy, have police records or who find it difficult to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

The days when any man could con rich women dating into getting involved with them are long past. We now live in a new world where those stories about poor bums marrying cultured rich women dating are no longer true. Just being a good looking man is no longer a passport for rich women dating.


  • Posted on August 26, 2014 at 11:21 pm


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Adult Dating Sites Fetaures Are Cutting To The Chase

  • Posted on August 24, 2014 at 12:27 pm

As most dating sites come and go, the great ones are around to consistently bring better experiences for their subscribers. As for these great dating sites, it appears sugar daddy relationships are becoming a new service. After a bit of study into these newadult dating sites we found and experienced a great new totally free adult dating site that encourages a less serious relationship between men and women.

Joining a dating site for a less serious relationship most would say that is new! Your absolutely right.. with these totally free personals dating sites they are focusing on allowing members to have less pressure on meeting someone. Most know love is not always going to be found onlinel. But during the search why not increase odds putting yourself into being spoiled relationship. This is where new dating services are becoming more educated in what their members want. So how exacyly do these members that join these free adult dating sites receive a better online experience?

Well most totally free personals are just about getting you matched with anyone. matching up personals randomly is worthless because it is not personal. The good adult dating sites use pretty sophisticated methods to help members cut to the chase. A different system to match singles is how you you would spoil someone and how much money you want to spoil them with. In sugar daddy dating it is not always how much money one spends or has, there are quite a few ways these totally free personals offer each other unique pleasures.

Pleasures, such as mutually spoiling each other with hot affection for one another. Many busy and hard working men and women are full of energy and affection. Think about it, since most successful men and women have accomplished so much, now they would just like to show off by spoiling you. It really is a wondrous atmosphere in these totally free personals. That is the cut to the chase mentality these dating sites are offering and why so many are joining sugar daddy sites.

It can be understood that a new experience opens up to members in the sugar daddy dating sites. Where a no none sense relationship is the norm, people who are tired of games usually find themselves right at home on the free adult dating sites. For more dirt one can look into a review of free online dating services to assist you in joining the right dating site.

The best 10 international online dating sites for 2013

  • Posted on August 21, 2014 at 6:12 am

Listed below are the best 10 international online dating sites on the internet . All these dating sites has been selected due to their popularity and their high succcess rate . More than 80 percent of singles worldwide are using online dating as a method of finding their perfect partners . The sites provided below are popular dating sites and are very successful sites . Millions of singles has actually succeeded in using these sites as can be seen from the many testimonials from previous members published on their websites . The top 10 international dating sites that has enable millions of singles to find lasting relationships are :

1. PerfectMatch.com
PerfectMatch.com is the best and most popular dating site on the internet having more than 20 million members worldwide with more than 10,000 new members signing up daily . The high success rate of PerfectMatch.com is due to the fact that it is the only dating site that utilizes the Duet total compatibility system ( Duet ) developed by Dr pepper Schwatz . Duet analyzes a member taking into account that member’s personality , love style , ideas , preferences and financial background to find the right person for that member . This unique system enable perfect match to provide a new experience to those seeking real love and lasting relationship . PerfectMatch.com is recommended for long-term relationships . PerfectMatch.com has a discussion area on their website where you can ask relationship questions directly to Dr Pepper Schwatz . PerfectMatch.com has a free book ” Finding your perfect match ” written by Dr Pepper Schwatz . You just need to pay for postage to receive this book . Once you create your profile with PerfectMatch.com they will constantly send matches to you base on your profile . A new member can try PerfectMatch.com completely free for 3 days . Click here to read more about PerfectMatch.com

2. Match.com
Match.com is another popular dating site on the internet having more than 15 million members worldwide with thousands of singles signing up daily . Match.com is an extremely popular and a great place to meet singles . In 2010 alone more than 600,000 singles found meaningful relationship through Match.com . Singles from all countries in the world can join Match.com since this website is available in many different langauges . Match.com provides assistance to its members so that they can succeed in finding their special partner . For example those who really need assistance getting started with online dating , Dr phil’s exclusive Monthly program at Match.com will walk you through how to get started with online dating , what to do to find someone special and how you can maintain the relationship over time . Match.com also has a professional matchmaker that will provide advice and direction to you so that you can succeed in getting a perfect partner . If you purchase a six Month membership at Match.com and you don’t find the love of your life in that timeframe , then Match.com will extend your membership another six Months for free . With all these precautions taken by Match.com , you are guaranteed to meet your match . A new member can try Match.com free for 7 days . Click here to read more about Match.com

3. eHarmony.com
eHarmony is a top international leading matchmaking site for heterosexual seeking serious relationship with a compatible partner . eHarmony is very popular worldwide having more than 20 million members with about 8000 new members signing up daily . eHarmony was actually founded by Dr Neil Clarke Warren who is actually a relationship and dating expert . He was the first to use a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles . For the system to work successfully a new member need to complete an in-dept relationship questionnaire and the member’s profile must be complete . eHarmony online system will then locate compatible matches and deliver them to the member base on the profile created . The system really works because about 239 people get married a day who met at eHarmony . Recent research by the American phychological society shows that married couples who used eHarmony.com are significantly happier than those for a similar length of time who met by other means . eHarmony is so popular that it has been featured on ABC news , Good Morning America , New York times and many other places . As a new member you can sign up with eHarmony.com by creating your profile . Click here to read more about eHarmony.com

4. Amolatina.com
Amolatina which is a South American dating site is the premier site for meeting latin women. Amolatina.com is dedicated in helping latin women to meet western men. The site has beautiful South American women from Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Central America. Amolatina.com was lunched in 2007 with the site now having millions of members worldwide. These beautiful Latin women at Amolatina are seeking and possibly ready to married foreign men and are also ready to leave their home country. If you are looking for a hot hot latina then this is the site to visit . The site has a very easy navigation system and offers all the features needed for a standard website such as extended searching tools, email communication tool and members can also create video profiles. The site also has a phone translation service that will assist you incase you have any language difficulties . Delivery of flowers and even assistance with travel arrangements can be provided to you incase you decide to meet your chosen partner. To sign up with Amolatina.com is completely free. The site is available in English and Spanish so you can create your profile in the Language you are most confortable with. As a free member you can view the profiles of other members for free . Click here to read more about Amolatina.com

5. Sugardaddie.com
Sugardaddie.com is a millionaire dating site . It is a dating site for the rich , famous and wealthy men . It is the meeting ground for ambitious , hardworking and successful men . This is the site that brings together thousands of rich and successful men with beautiful young ladies . Women can sign up with Sugardaddie.com free but men most prove that they earn a minimum salary of $100.000 per year before they can sign up with Sugardaddie.com . Sugardaddie.com founded in 2002 currently has millions of members from the US , UK , Canada , Australia and many other countries . The site’s success has been known by two appearances on Dr Phil’s show , Good Morning America , the Richard and Judy show in the UK and more . There is a section on their website having lots of testimonials from previous members that has actually succeeded in finding their soulmate . Due to their high success rate , Sugardaddie.com is now the most recognized site for sugardaddy and millionaire dating . Incase you are a young woman looking for a rich man then join this most recognized millionaire dating site Sugardaddie.com . Click here to read more about Sugardaddie.com

6. ChristianCafe.com
ChristianCafe.com is one of the largest Christian dating site in the world having millions of singles from the US , UK , Canada , Australia and many other countries . Christian Cafe is a confortable online cafe where Christian singles meet each other . Individuals at Christian Cafe are honest people looking for a companion , a soulmate or a date . Joining this website you have a great opportunity not only to date God fearing people but also to share a good experience with them . If you are looking to meet other fun and exciting Christian singles for a companion or a date then you should make a stop at ChristianCafe.com . Individuals on this website are professionals with outstanding family values and good background . There’s a good chance here to meet interesting members and decent individuals . ChristianCafe.com has some great facilities that you can use to connect easily with other Christian singles . You can perform audio and video chats . You can send instant messages and email messages to a member of your interest . Christian Cafe organizes Christian holidays so that its members can attend . A new member can sign up with ChristianCafe.com and try this website completely free for 7 days . Click here to read more about ChristianCafe.com

7. BlackSingles.com
BlackSingles.com is one of the top online dating site for black people . BlackSingles.com brings together black women and men in an atmosphere to dating and building relationships that will last . BlackSingles.com is the most popular black dating site having millions of black members from the US , UK , CANADA , Africa and many other countries . If you want to connect with beautiful black ladies then this is the website to join . BlackSingles.com has some perfect features that will assist you to find your match . For example you’ll be able to send email messages to other members , chat with other members using instant messenger , chat with other members using video . Available on their website is an online article that covers everything from writing a good profile to dating safety tips . BlackSingles.com has a sophisticated matching system that will constantly send matches to you base on your profile . If you are looking for a hot ebony lady then this is the website to join . As a new member you can sign up with BlackSingles.com completely free . Click here to read more about BlackSingles.com

8. Date.com
Date.com launched on valentine`s day 1997 is one of the world`s most popular dating site with more than 10 million members worldwide and about 15,000 new members joining weekly . Date.com helps singles guys , girls , women and men to connect with each other . Date.com is somewhat different from other dating sites in that it is designed by relationship and communication professionals . For example you can search for members at Date.com base on your location or Date.com will constantly send matches to you based on your profile . Date.com has 3 sections that you can join . You can join the dating section if you are interested in friends or companionship . You can join the romance section if you are looking for serious relationship . You can join the intimate section if you are looking for discreet sexual relationships – Date.com has some nice features that will assist you connect with other members . You can perform live audio and video chat . Date.com has an online dating magazine ( Date info ) that offers a wealth of information and expert advice about dating and relationships . Date.com also has a weekly newsletter that is sent out to approximately 1 million members by email . It features the latest info on dating and relationships , contain some success stories , dating advices and more . Click here to read more about Date.com

9. Lavalife.com
Lavalife is a top performing international online dating site with members present in the US, UK , CANADA , AUSTRALIA and many other countries worldwide . Lavalife has over 15 million registered members with over 9000 new members joining daily . Lavalife has 3 different sections that a new member can join . The 3 sections are casual dating , relationships and intimate encounters . If you are looking for a soulmate or a companion you can set up your profile under the casual dating section . If you are looking for romance you can set up your profile under the relationship section and incase you are looking for discreet relationships you can set up your profile under the intimate encounter section . Lavalife has some nice features that will enable you to quickly find your match . You can for example chat with other members using instant messenger and you can perform video chat using your webcam . Lavalife also has a feature known as “avalife2go” . Lavalife2go will allow you to browse lavalife on your mobile and get free text alerts on the go . Lavalife also has on online magazine that will be sent to you by email . This magazine contains interesting articles , stories , tips and dating advices . Lavalife also offer speed dating events in united states and Canada for you to meet face to face with other singles . A new member can try Lavalife completely free for 7 days. Click here to read more about Lavalife.com

10. ChristianMingle.com
Christian Mingle is also another top christian dating site on the internet today . Founded in 1997 , Christian Mingle currently has more than 5 million members from the USA , CANADA , UK , AUSTRALIA and many other countries worldwide . Christians from every denomination can join Christian Mingle and you can look for just penpal , activity partner , friends , dating , long-term relationships and marriage . Christian Mingle is strickly for Heterosexual . Christian Mingle helps it members to succeed in finding a special someone of the Christian faith by offering a wide range of features such as chat rooms , message boards , photo albums and gallery , instant messaging and more . The interface is clean and very easy to navigate , making the experience of finding love online as painless as possible . Christian Mingle has a Worship Center which is actually the heart of Christianity on the site . At the Worship Center members can make prayer requests , read a searchable Bible , partake in Bible studies discussions and view a daily Bible verse . A new members can join Christian Mingle completely free . Click here to read more about ChristianMingle.com

To see a complete list of some of the other best online dating sites on the internet visit http://the-best-dating-sites.net

Study On Cultural Differences When Online Dating Western Vs. Eastern Countries

  • Posted on August 16, 2014 at 11:26 am

While most people in online dating sites are out to find love (both long term and casual), Dr. Jeff Gavin, a professor at the University of Bath in Great Britain, is on there scouring for trends and patterns among behaviors of participants.
From his psychological stand point, Dr. Gavin has synthesized some of the most interesting facts about online dating participants from all over the world. Some of them are listed below by country:

a. United Kingdom. Unlike in some part of the world where internet dating is not common, people in UK have already learned to embrace online dating widely as evidenced by the absence of any associated social stigma. Those who are in online dating sites are no longer viewed as weird and eccentric, rather are simply viewed as people who prefer the comfort of their homes while dating.

b. The United States. The US has the second highest online dating participants in the world (second to China). According to Dr. Gavin, Americans tend to be more verbal. Communication is more dependent on content and people express explicitly through what they say. This is not very far from the offline American culture where people are very vocal and often exercise their freedom of speech. Daters from the US are also not hesitant to connect with multiple strangers.

c. Japan. Dr. Gavins research has mostly focused on Japanese online dating culture. It has been widely known that Japanese are not very verbal, and context cues are used as often as verbal cues when communicating effectively with others. Dr. Gavin found something interesting: intimacy is established when two people messaging on the site drop their formal language after quite some time. If the formal language is dropped too early, however, people see this as a turn-off.

Also, when dating online, Japanese participants said that the sites gave them freedom to transgress some of the social norms (such as approaching multiple strangers and ceasing communication). This culture is often typical not only in Japan dating but also on the rest of Asian dating sites.

These are the three countries covered by the Dr. Gavins comparative research on online dating. Other countries like Russia, Mexico, China, South Africa, Brazil, etc also have certain characteristics when it comes to online dating behaviors, as each country has different norms and cultures.

When figuring behaviors of online dating by country, it is best to research on the countrys offline cultures first then learn from them.

Tips For Dating Polish Men

  • Posted on August 15, 2014 at 1:07 am

Dating Polish men who are looking to win a girl need to have the tips to guide them. Polish girls are not that easy to convince and, the following are some insights into that dating Polish men should be doing to win the hearts of the girls. You have an advantage because you have grown up with the girls and know some of the things that would really make them tick. Sometimes, you are not sure of what might please them and this article will ensure that you get to know the keys to unlocking your destiny with the girls. First, you need to be on your best behavior. This means that you must be willing to date a girl at a time. There are Polish men who might tend to see two girls at once and this is a recipe for a disaster. Honesty is still the best policy, if you really want to win the hearts of the girls. You should know that over confidence will only drive you away from the girls. They like men who are self confident. Over confidence and pride are sisters and nothing can put off a girl more than this.

Dating Polish men must find a way to compromise. Look for a middle ground as you talk on various issues. All relationships really need this element and, you will find that when you compromise you will build even a stronger union. As a dating Polish man, you know better than to entice the girls with material things. It will not hurt to really think of something that is romantic. Go an extra mile to really organize some dinner or a good breakfast. Also, it is not just about what you do but more so what you say. Your words need to be enticing and even poetic. Spend time to really think of the girl you are hoping to date. You will need to know what they like and what they do not like. This way, you will be in a position to steer clear of any doubts as you get to really appreciate the girl for who she really is. Many Polish girls do not like guys who are chest thumbing and, you will need to deal with the issue of bragging effectively. Dating Polish men need to be on their toes if they need to establish lasting relationships in their lives.

Dating Polish men need to give their attention fully to the women in their lives. Many times, you might tend to focus on the television when you are there to spend sometime together. You need to have utmost respect that will win the hearts of the girls. When you really think about it, you will see the fruits of spending time with your girl. Love is something that really needs to be nurtured if you truly want to have it. Without a doubt the above tips will help you build true love and you will have the most important thing in your life. When you are true to yourself, you will realize that your effort was worth it because you have all the bliss you want. Start working now, if you want to connect with the right Irish girls.